I am neither a veteran nor a police officer, but my father was both, and he taught me my rights and responsibilities as a citizen.  My mother was a child of immigrants who were enemy aliens here during WW2, and her family treasured their new-found rights and responsibilities and passed them down to us.

I’ve never sworn any oath of to support and defend the Constitution of the United States… I always thought that my citizenship here required at least that much of me!

I may not have a uniform, but I have a computer, a firearm, a box of bullets and the will to use whichever is appropriate.

I’m with you, guys, for the sake of my father and his brothers, veterans all, for the sake of my mother, born here of immigrants who came here to find that shining city on the hill.

I fear the lights are dimming, and the Long Night approaches.

Where’s Dominick Flandry when we need him?!


I think we have many Dominicks and this is where they are gathering.

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